Pet Portraits

The ideal gift for a pet lover. All animals welcome!

I love animals and have been lucky to work with and study an amazing range of creatures over the years. I am more than happy to draw or paint whatever pet you have.

I can produce work in whatever style suits you, be it a traditional pencil drawing or oil painting.

Although I strive for detail in every image, detail and animal character are better achieved with larger images, please bear this in mind when thinking about the size you want.


My prices are based mainly on size. If you want more than one pet in the picture I suggest going for a larger size, so that I can achieve the best detail.

I am happy to accept payment on completion, however I do ask for a small deposit on confirmation of a commission.

Traditional Pencil drawings

Graphite drawings done on high quality paper. Price includes spray sealant and card mount.

Oil Paintings

High quality oil paint on canvas or board (as preferred). Sizes are approximate.

A4 (Approx)

Price £160

Order now and pay a Deposit of £20

A3 (Approx)

Price £180

Order now and pay a Deposit of £30

A2 (Approx)

Price £200

Order now and pay a Deposit of £40



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