WDP1Rob has had a passion for both art and wildlife since he was a child. When the time came to decide on a career he went into zoo keeping, and kept up his art as a hobby. While experimenting with materials and subjects in his spare time he developed his own style, creating many murals and welcome gifts of art for friends and family. 

Longleat has been his place of work for nearly 14 years, where he has had the privilege of working with a wide range of creatures to inspire him. Initially working with parrots performing daily shows he gained the title ‘Parrot man’, he now works mainly on the Jungle cruise and in the Bat cave.

He has been a featured keeper many times in the Animal Park television series, and has actively taken part in fund-raising activities for Longleat’s various charities (Photos can still be found of him in a giant cage for World Parrot Day and crawling around as a tortoise for Shellshock!)

In 2010, Rob took a year out from Longleat to concentrate on his art. This time enabled him to hone his skills further and he now has a growing catalogue of work, as well as a healthy number of satisfied customers from private commissions under his belt.

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